Things to Know About Your Visit

First-Timer’s Guide

Everything you need to know to make the most out of your first Gallagher Bluedorn experience.


How do I buy GBPAC tickets?

The easiest way to buy tickets is right here, online! All you have to do is browse our events, find the right show for you, and click “Buy Tickets.” You will then be redirected to UNItix where you will be able to pick your seat and check out. 

Tickets can also be purchased over the phone by calling 319-273-4TIX (4849) or even through mail using the 2023-2024 Order Form. You can also visit us in person at our box office. If you have any questions, just give us a call at the above number.

Some of our shows are designated as ARTcessible. If you require Audio Description or Sign Language Interpretation or another accommodation, give the box office a call to ensure your seating is appropriate. 


Can I bring my kids?

Many of our programs are designed especially for families, including our “A Buck a Kid” shows, as well as our Kaleidoscope Series, meant specifically for keeping kids pre-k through 12 entertained and educated at the same time.

Those that aren’t can still be a wonderful experience for children. You know your kids best. Can they sit comfortably – through a two hour program without being distracted? Is the content geared towards children?  Our kid-friendly programming is probably a better fit for kids under age five. Many families come for just part of a regular mainstage shows to balance young attention spans and experiencing great performances.

Booster seats are available for children who need an extra “boost”. 

Where should I sit?

Choosing where to sit is easy and intuitive through UNItix. Consider the show you are attending, some shows like Broadway or symphonies fill up the whole stage and the very front rows might be too close to take it all in. Sitting up close  for a comedian on the other hand might feel like visiting with them in your living room. Before you checkout you will be given an interactive map showing different sections and their associated prices, allowing you to make your best possible choice.  


What should I wear?

Everyday, casual clothes are just fine at our shows, feel free to wear something comfortable. On the other hand, depending on the show, it could be a great excuse to dress up for a fun night out if that’s more your cup of tea.  The Gallagher Bluedorn embraces a black tie to tie dye dress code.  You be you.


How early should I arrive?

You’ll probably want to arrive around 30 minutes early for your first concert, this leaves time to park, experience the GBPAC, peruse the digital program, enjoy a drink or snack if you’d like, and find your seat.  If you want to come with friends and have social time the lobby opens 1 hour before the show.

Where should I park?

Handicapped parking is available on the north side of the building, and the cutouts near the building on Ohio Street may be used for dropping off/picking up guests. For guests parking across University Avenue, there is a tunnel under University Avenue to cross safely in addition to a crosswalk at the traffic signal.
Parking Map

What if I arrive late?

We understand; sometimes life gets in the way. Our ushers will show you into the hall at the next suitable break in the program, or let you know if you can enter immediately.  We do this to balance making sure critical performance moments aren’t interrupted with getting you into the show as quickly as possible.

What accessibility accommodations are available? 

The Gallagher Bluedorn strives to provide all people access to the arts in a welcoming environment where each person has the accommodations they need to actively participate.  Please review the information below to request services for an upcoming event.

Certain performances have been designated as ARTcessible. Look for the the symbol on designated shows for audio description and American sign language interpretation. 

Three point artcessible symbol

Other inclusive accommodations include handicapped parking, accessible entrances and seating, accessible restrooms, assisted listening devices, and quiet areas for patrons needing a break from the action. 

For more information, check out our accessibility page or connect with the Ticket Office!


When do I clap?

Clapping is a great way to express joy and appreciation and charges up the artists on stage.  Over the last hundred years or so, some more formal performances have evolved a tradition of clapping only at the end of a piece of music. Sometimes that silence between movements sets the stage for the next movement.  But if you can’t help bursting into spontaneous applause after the epic crescendo at the end of the first movement of Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 (and who could blame you!), ignore the disapproving tuts and go for it. 


Can I use my phone in concerts?

You might be surprised to hear that we sometimes encourage you to take pictures with your phone, or to participate on social media. Most of the time, though, we’ll ask you to silence your phone before the concert begins. If you aren’t sure, just ask an usher and they’ll be glad to let you know. 

Audio and video recording are not allowed at GBPAC shows out of respect for the performers and your fellow concertgoers.


Be a good neighbor!

At the heart of all audience behavior is a respect for the artists and our fellow audience members.  Use your empathy to make sure that your choices don’t run the risk of distracting or damaging the performance experience of the people around you.  Distracting noises and blocked views of the stage can ruin the show and none of us want that to happen. 


Do I need to know anything about the show before I come?

Absolutely not! That’s one of the great things about live performances! 

Still, we have plenty of options available to learn more about what you’re going to see.

  • You’ll find all kinds of details about the performer(s) on this website in the relevant show’s event page.
  • These days with so much information available digitally we encourage you to be an informed cultural consumer.  Google away and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.
  • In the days leading up to the show we will send out a “Before You Go” email, giving you all the information you could need before attending.
  • You can reach out to our box office at 319-273-4849 if you have specific questions. 


Gallagher Bluedorn is located on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Our mailing address is 8201 Dakota Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614. Use the link below to get directions on Google maps. 





Handicapped parking is available on the north side of the building, and a drive-way in front of the building may be used for dropping off/picking up guests. For guests parking across University Avenue, there is a tunnel under University Avenue to cross safely in addition to a cross-walk at the traffic signal.



Patron Services


Our patron services table can be found near the grand staircase in the McElroy Lobby before each performance. Please read through our patron services page and inquire about any questions about coming to a performance.