The arts are a powerful educational tool that uniquely addresses content knowledge, traditional curriculum and emotional intelligence. Whether a performance introduces a young reader to the creation of relatable characters, teaches math and science concepts or helps an uncertain middle schooler realize they are not alone, the arts are transformative. 

The performing arts entertain, inspire and educate, and provide a broad range of tools for classroom teachers and young learners. Every year the Gallagher Bluedorn serves nearly 40,000 pre-k through 12 Iowa students and we’d like to serve yours.  Gallagher Bluedorn’s various educational programs broaden youth’s understanding and participation in the arts among communities throughout Iowa and serves the Center’s mission, to inspire. The Kaleidoscope Series creates a deeper understanding of classroom subjects, serving as a supplementary tool in teaching core curriculum. In many cases the performances create an entry point for discussion of challenging material.  

The Kaleidoscope Series strives to provide youth multiple opportunities to experience a wide range of the performing arts, to serve underserved rural communities of Eastern Iowa, and to accommodate over 40,000 students each year. To date, we have reached a significant milestone, 750,000 kids experiencing the arts through our program.



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We're excited to bring you the Kaleidoscope Virtual Series offering your favorite Kaleidoscope shows free to watch online.


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We welcome more than 40,000 youth from over half of Iowa's counties into our building each year for fantastic educational experiences. 



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Kaleidoscope is a leader in the arts. For only a Buck A Kid, the program has spent 20+ years bringing the arts to kids of all backgrounds and walks of life. Learn more about the impact of the arts on our area’s youth.

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