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20+ Years of Inspiring Iowa's Youth

Since the Kaleidoscope Series for Youth began in 2000, over 750,000 young people have experienced the arts through programs that inspire literacy, creativity, and empathy. For only A Buck A Kid, the Gallagher Bluedorn brings the arts to young people from all backgrounds, walks of life, and over 60% of Iowa’s counties. Learn more about the Kaleidoscope program and how you can make a personal impact on Iowa’s youth.


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A program with this level of impact depends on the generosity and support of people like you. Reach out to learn how you can be involved. 

Jennifer Onuigbo
Community Relations Manager




Three graphics in boxes. First reads "35,000 approximate number of Iowa students who attend every year." second reads "69% of Iowa's counties served." and third reads Always Only A Buck A Kid! Our Promise since 2000."





A Kaleidoscope show is more than a day of theatre

It opens up new ways of thinking about the world. Teachers remark how their students continue to talk about the performance days, months, and even years after seeing a Kaleidoscope show.

The Kaleidoscope Series provides youth with multiple opportunities to experience a wide range of performing arts, to serve underserved communities of Eastern Iowa, and to accommodate over 35,000 students each year.

Performers in a children's show strike a final pose




Infographic of arts impact on youth. Learn more at




The Arts Matter To Us All

Every Kaleidoscope live performance connects to an important curriculum and fosters deeper understanding in subjects such as Language Arts, Social Studies, Diversity & Inclusion, STEM, and Social Emotional Learning. Live performance uniquely brings literature and classroom subjects to life and makes challenging subjects accessible and real. According to “Americans for the Arts”, 91% of surveyed individuals nationwide agreed that arts are a part of a well-rounded education for K-12 Students. 

Additionally, art has the capacity to unite people. It sees no difference in its patrons, meeting them where they are, and offering experiences as diverse as the audience. An experience at the theatre can heighten our awareness of others and fosters lifelong learning, by leading to the true purpose of meaningful art; to teach, to expand perspectives, to provoke thought, and simply - to inspire.


The Gallagher Bluedorn full of young children ready for a show




Three circle graphics. First reads: "73% of business leaders say creativity is of high importance when hiring " " Second reads: "Creativity ranks among the top three traits contributing to career success."Third reads: "The arts improve quality of life, enhance community, attract new businesses, and attract skilled workers"