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Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny (Limited Availability)

January 31, 2025
10:00 AM
January 31, 2025
12:30 PM
A Buck a Kid

Goodnight Moon is a celebration of familiar nighttime rituals, while The Runaway Bunny’s pretend tale of leaving home evokes reassuring responses from his loving mum. Both feature endearing rabbit characters, and the soothing rhythms of bunny banter and dream-like imagery never fail to infuse young readers with a reassuring sense of security. This staged adaptation brings a new sense of appreciation to stories that have delighted several generations.

Best suited for grades PreK-3
Curriculum subjects: Language Arts, Fine Arts/Music
Study Guide: Access the complimentary teacher's guide HERE.

Few writers have been as attuned to the concerns and emotions of childhood as Margaret Wise Brown (1910–1952). Brown, a former teacher, believed that very young children could be fascinated by the simple pleasures of the world around them. Few had previously attempted to write specifically for children aged two to five, and Brown created some of the most enduring and beloved children’s books of all time as well as developed the concept of the first durable board book.

Clement Hurd (1908–1988) graduated from Yale University and studied painting in Paris in the 1930s with Fernand Léger and others. His engaging semi-abstract style became world-famous with the publication of The Runaway Bunny in 1942 and Goodnight Moon in 1947 – collaborations with Brown that became two of the 20th Century’s best-known children’s books.

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