Considering Matthew Shepard Sponsors


Cattle, Horses, Sky, and Grass
Ordinary Boy
We Tell Each Other Stories / I Am Open

Recitation 1
The Fence (Before)
Recitation 2
The Fence (That Night)
Recitation 3
A Protestor
Keep It Away From Me
Recitation 4
Fire of the Ancient Heart
Recitation 5
Stray Birds
We Are All Sons
I Am Like You / We Are All Sons
The Innocence
Recitation 6
The Fence (One Week Later)
Recitation 7
Recitation 8
In Need of Breath
Recitation 9
Deer Song
Recitation 10

Meet Me Here
All of Us
Cattle, Horses, Sky and Grass


Additional information, including the libretto, personnel and other program notes, are available in the printed program. 

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Friends of the Gallagher Bluedorn


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