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You Can't Stop the Beat - Hairspray at Gallagher Bluedorn

There’s nothing like a nostalgic musical comedy, which is why this play is loved by many.  The smash-hit musical has been adapted into movies and performed on stages around the world. And now, the Broadway phenomenon HAIRSPRAY is coming to Gallagher Bluedorn.

What is it about this play that evokes such nostalgia? Is it the catchy songs? The iconic story with its twists and turns? Or perhaps it’s the characters we know and love?

The Classic Songs
If you loved the original Broadway musical or 2007 movie musical, then you’ll know the hit songs like “Welcome to the 60’s,” “Good morning Baltimore” and “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” The show's fantastic soundtrack features songs that make you sing along, dance in your seat, and leave you humming in your head long after the show.

An Iconic Story
A story you know and love follow 16 year-old Tracy Turnbald in 1962 Baltimore as she tries to chase her dream of dancing on the Corny Collins TV show. When she finally makes her big break, she's an instant star and uses her newfound success to try and integrate the show, all while catching the eye of Link Larkin, the infamous love interest. Can a girl with big dreams (and even bigger hair) change the world?

Lovable Characters
A large draw of this iconic show is its cast of characters who are intricate, hilarious, and larger than life. The star role of Tracy Turnbald is revived by Niki Metcalf, Andrew Levitt (aka Nina West, a famous drag queen) plays Edna Turnbald, and Sandie Lee stars as Motormouth Maybelle. Will Savarese plays the dreamy Link Larkin and Emery Henderson plays Tracy’s best friend, Penny Pingleton. The full cast can be found at

You Can’t Stop the Beat
There’s a reason that Hairspray has won countless awards, been adapted into a movie twice, and gone on national tours. Whether it’s a household favorite or a first experience, why miss this chance? Experience the signature music, infectious dancing, and amazing cast on September 13-14 at Gallagher Bluedorn. Tickets on sale July 28 at

Blog post by Aerz Johnson, Marketing Intern