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Steve's Picks for Spring 2022

As we move into our winter and spring shows we once again endeavor to provide something for everyone. As our patrons continue to transition through and past the disruptions of COVID we have worked to bring a combination of shows with proven track records and shows that we have worked to get for many years. Several of our shows this spring might be unfamiliar and others have backstories that, I think, makes them all the more special. 

VoctaveVoctave is one of our hidden gem shows. Founded in 2015, the group is made up of performers from central Florida. With that Orlando experience it is no surprise that the group features award winning arrangements of Disney classics. The group members have roots in musical theater, Christian music, barbershop and pop, and their concerts always feature your favorite Disney and Broadway tunes. With more than 150 MILLION views on Facebook, Voctave combines multiple musical styles to create a unique sound. The musicians have a vast vocal range that reaches from a supersonic high F to an almost subsonic base. This range allows for a complexity and depth of harmony that is unique in the a capella world.

The new Broadway musical An Officer and a Gentlemen based on the hit movie is a rare opportunity for the Gallagher Bluedorn. For one of the first times we are able to be part of a new show's firstOfficer and a Gentleman national tour. The story follows Zack Mayo as he brings his street earned attitude to the US Navy's elite Officer's Training School. To reach his goal he will have to meet the expectations of Drill Sergeant Foley as well as demonstrating the physical and mental toughness that will test him to the breaking point. On the way he experiences tragedy and the love of a local girl. The score of the show features 80's rock classics that include the Oscar-winning hit from the film "Up Where We Belong," as well as classic songs by Yes, Styx, Pat Benatar and Rush. Patriotism, character and romance makes this a story and a show you will have you on your feet.

The best in the world: Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Babe Ruth, Simone Biles, Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall. Each is a superstar, and if you ever get the chance to see someone who is the best in the world at what they do — do it. These people are superheros and operate at a different level than Renee Fleminganyone else. Whether what they do is your favorite thing or not, rest assured that their ability will blow you away and change your view of what human beings are capable of. The Cedar Valley is blessed to be hosting such a person this Spring, the singer Renee Fleming. Be it opera or Broadway, Fleming is a superstar. With a vocal range that is all but unheard of her genius lies in technical virtuosity combined with a remarkable ability to feel and interpret a song, be it an aria from Verdi's Otello or "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell. You may have experienced Renee Fleming without knowing it. Her versatility is so remarkable that she has shown up in surprising places, like when she sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl or when Peter Jackson selected her to perform the unearthly song of the elves in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Nominated for 17 Grammy awards with a remarkable four wins, Renee has also been awarded the National Medal of Arts and had a dessert named for her by five star chef Daniel Boulud. If you missed Yo Yo Ma or Itzhak Perlman this is your chance to see and hear something you will remember for the rest of your life.

The truth is every show at the Gallagher Bluedorn has something that makes it special. Every performance has the promise of being the best show you've ever seen. I hope I will see you at one of these.