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A Show the Kids Know and Love Brought to the Stage

That's right, the Emmy award-winning children’s television series Bluey is being brought to life in “Bluey’s Big Play!” The show your kids know and love has a new stage adaptation that puts their favorite characters on-stage, right in front of their eyes.


Beloved TV Show from Down Under

Bluey is an Australian preschool animated television series that began in 2018 and has since taken the world by storm. Televisions, iPads, Laptops and more can be found around the world playing the catchy theme song as kids watch a silly family of Blue Heelers do their usual antics. 



Bluey is a great show about the joys of childhood and the power of a supportive family. Bluey and her sister, Bingo, play, go to school and cause trouble along the way, of course. Throughout their day, they imagine new games that today’s youth can relate to that ultimately help the pups learn lessons. The lessons they learn are easily understood by kids at home and the overall message is simple: play is an important part of childhood. 

Not only are the show’s messages applicable to kids, but also their parents. Bluey captures the amazing parts of being a parent, but sometimes the tough parts that may come along with it. Bandit and Chilli, Dad and Mum, are also heavily involved in the playfulness throughout the series, further emphasizing the importance of a healthy family model. 



Lovable Characters

Need a refresher on the Heeler family?

  • Bluey - Known for her creative and innovative games, or her involvement with other kids and grownups. A girl who likes to think she is grown up and can do things by herself. Does that sound like someone you know? 
  • Bingo - Bingo also likes to play but she is a bit quieter than Bluey. When she’s not playing you can find her in the yard talking to tiny bugs or off lost in her own beautiful world.
  • Bandit - As the devoted, yet tired father, he does his best to use whatever energy is left after interrupted sleep, work and household chores, to invent and play games with his two girls.
  • Chilli - Mum often has a wry comment about the kids antics or a kind word for an overwrought child, but she’s equally at home throwing herself into a game and always able to see the funny side.


The Story on Stage

“Bluey’s Big Play” includes larger-than-life puppets, as well as music and a story from the creators of the television show. When Dad feels like a little bit of Sunday afternoon time out, Bluey and Bingo have other plans! The two sisters pull out all of the games and cleverness at their disposal to get Dad off that bean bag. This is Bluey as you’ve never seen it before, brought to real life.

Join the fun and make lifelong family memories on March 7th and 8th . Buy your tickets today at