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RETURNING TO FUN: Ready for Interaction and Connection

"There's nothing more fulfilling than ushering a Kaleidoscope show and seeing young children walk into the lobby for their first time and seeing the amazement in their eyes. I usually volunteered at around 40 events every year, so it's been pretty difficult to not have that social aspect present every week. I still keep the scoreboard at hockey games and do the Deery shuttle services, but I miss the interaction with Gallagher Bluedorn staff and meeting with patrons. At my age, you learn to cherish all of the interaction. 

I was still an active usher throughout the pandemic through the drive-in movies and other shows, but the experience of working a regular show, whether Kaleidoscope or the artist series, is something that couldn't be replaced. I'm so excited to get back in the groove again and see all of the familiar faces. I can't wait to usher the next School of Music or Glee Club performance because I know where all of the usual attendees sit in the Great Hall. 

I'm not really that nervous to get back to live performances, I think we are all ready. It's going to be different and we just have to go with it. I know I have my vaccination, which does more than just protect me, it protects everyone else. I wish more people felt that way. I am very excited to get back to work with assisting our patrons and making sure everyone has a great time seeing shows, especially our youth!" 

-Carl Boice, Usher and Floor Captain


RETURNING TO FUN is a blog series where staff, patrons, and artists of the Gallagher Bluedorn tell the story of their experience throughout the pandemic and the excitement they hold as we reopen our doors for a new season of delighting the Cedar Valley.
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