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RETURNING TO FUN: Ready For a Full House

Lois Wishmeyer wearing a blue top smiling"When shows were being shut down last year it was depressing! And, unfortunately, it happened at just the time the Gallagher Bluedorn was having the big fund drive to upgrade and expand the building.

The big show that got canceled that year was “Beautiful: the Carole King Musical,” but there were so many others we missed out on. I don’t think anyone thought we would have such a long shut-down. However, the staff rose to the occasion and rescheduled events like the local dance shows and implemented new safety measures, such as having more than one show per group and blocking off some seats in the building to space guests out. It worked well and people were happy to come and see their children perform. (The users were happy to be back working, too!)

The staff has done a marvelous job in making sure everyone could be safe when coming back, even if things looked different than before. For example, they had to mark off some seats and provide special directions to those who had tickets of how to get to their reserved seats. I remember working one show at door 2 where there were only 5 seats available! It was strange to have people spread out for some of the few shows we had.

However, I think people are really anxious for great shows to continue, I hope the ticket sales reflect that. It looks like a wonderful season-- I just hope COVID doesn’t keep us from enjoying it all. I'm hoping we can have a full house!

It was sad to not have Gallagher Bluedorn open. I did not help with the innovative drive-in shows that were hosted, but it was a great idea! Also, the Block Parties were fun and gave inspiration for better times ahead. People needed to get out and enjoy entertainment and both of these activities provided just that.

With this fall season, there are several “favorites” scheduled, like “The Texas Tenors.” People love them and the crowd who came were ecstatic. And for those who had tickets for “Beautiful - The Carole King Musical,” I’m sure they are happy it is rescheduled!"

-Lois Wishmeyer, Volunteer Usher


RETURNING TO FUN is a blog series where staff, patrons, and artists of the Gallagher Bluedorn tell the story of their experience throughout the pandemic and the excitement they hold as we reopen our doors for a new season of delighting the Cedar Valley.
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