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Camie wearing a blue coat stands for a headshot"I love attending any live performance. Fifteen minutes into a show and I am already in awe by everyone’s true talent and wishing I had their voice, could play that instrument, or flawlessly move around on stage pretending to be someone else. And then, as if it were magic, I find myself lost in lyrics of the songs or the story being played out in front of me. When the performance is over, I am so happy I came and already setting my sights on the next performance I want to attend.

Four years ago, I became the third wheel with my friends Amy and Tom as we began picking out shows to attend together at the Gallagher Bluedron. Oh, the fun we always have coming to shows, even with some added fun at pre or post show parties that are hosted. Attending a show at the Gallagher has quickly become one of my favorite social events that I always look forward to. When the pandemic hit and shows began to cancel, I admit that I had mixed emotions. Canceling or postponing the performances was surely the right thing to do for the safety and well-being of everyone and I was glad for this. But, on the other hand, I was sad because I would be missing out on these fantastic shows and spending time with dear friends, a ritual I had grown to love and look forward to.

However, I wasn't sad for long becaue the Gallagher Bluedorn team did not disappoint! The Local Legends Series was born and showcased local Cedar Valley talent and the Summer Block Parties kept me connected to live music and enjoying music outdoors, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on what I enjoy so much. In December when they announced Maddie Poppe’s concert, we got tickets and returned to the great hall and sat socially distanced with all the other eager attendees. The staff did an amazing job of making me feel safe in the middle of a pandemic and my friends and I were able to enjoy a wonderful show together again.

I am so excited for the shows that are lined up for this fall and winter. I was there to kick off the season with The Texas Tenors, a group I had never seen before. Hopefully that pesky little virus doesn't continue causing trouble like it is currently because I am a little anxious to see if all the shows will go on as planned. However, having been down this road once before, I know with certainty that the staff at the Gallagher will keep the Cedar Valley connected to the arts one way or another and for this I am truly thankful."

-Camie Gunderson, Friends Board Member


RETURNING TO FUN is a blog series where staff, patrons, and artists of the Gallagher Bluedorn tell the story of their experience throughout the pandemic and the excitement they hold as we reopen our doors for a new season of delighting the Cedar Valley.
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