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A Message From the Executive Director: Do You Believe In Magic?

Do you believe in magic? If so, skip the next paragraph!

Magicians make fictional magic look easy! Say abracadabra and a bunny appears? Sounds pretty simple. Far too simple. Being a magician is much harder than that! Illusions are painstakingly developed and most rely on a deep understanding of physics and a just as deep understanding of human psychology.

A great magician figures every angle, using visual tricks, mirrors and perspective. Great magicians get into your head. Your eye is distracted and pulled where they want you to look, manipulating your attention to support what the artist wants you to believe. While you are looking he deploys fleet fingered sleight of hand taking advantage of your distraction. Cleverly designed mechanisms, stage hands and glamorous assistants all combine to fool the eye and mind making you believe what the magician wants you to believe.

Want to be a stage magician? Better study your science and practice card and coin tricks everyday to build your dexterity and showmanship. Half the fun of magic is trying to figure out the tricks and a great magician like Reza is so good you never will!

You believe in magic? Me too! Let's jump on my horse and ride to a show!

- Steve