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Charlotte's Web Virtual Residency: Pre-Performance

Join Christina Farrell in this virtual residency accompanying the performance of Charlotte's Web.

Discussion Questions:

  • How can we use descriptive words to show friendship?
    • When someone calls you radiant or terrific or humble, do you feel more radiant or terrific or humble? Why or why not? 
    • When you feel more radiant or terrific or humble, do you think others see you that way too? Why or why not?
  • Compare the aspects of the play that were realistic or non-realistic. How does the audience use its imagination during this play? 


Theatre Strategies Used in the Video:

Actor’s Tools: actors use their Body, Voice and Imagination to create theatre

Production Tools: include the things you see on the stage such as lights, costumes, sets, props (objects), sound effects or music

Soundscape: create sound effects using your voice, instruments or objects to evoke the setting, mood or action

Tableau: a frozen statue made with your body


Extension Ideas:

Select a scene from a favorite book. Imagine how you would use production tools to bring the scene to the stage. 

  • What is the mood or feeling of the scene? What color lighting would you choose to create that mood?
  • Would you create realistic or non-realistic sets to show where the story takes place? What might you use to build the sets?
  • Would you choose realistic or non-realistic costumes for the characters? What aspects of the character would you like the costumes to highlight?
  • Do you need props for the scene? Will you use the real objects or non-realistic objects?
  • How could you create the sound effects for the setting? Or would you use music to create a certain feeling? Or is silence best for this scene?