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An All-American Story About Love and Conflict, Reimagined

There’s truly nothing like an uplifting love story, which is why this genre of film has charmed audience members for ages. The iconic 1982 film “An Officer & A Gentleman” is celebrated as a generation-defining romantic drama that continues to steal hearts all across America 40 years later. What is it about this film that makes it a beloved classic? And how does the new musical adaptation compare?

Rockin' '80s Soundtrack

If you’re a fan of the 1982 movie, we think you’ll love this re-imagined musical take of it! In “An Officer & A Gentleman: The Musical,” the timeless love story of Zack and Paula meets an unapologetically ‘80s soundtrack that evokes impactful nostalgia. The impressive lineup of hits includes: “Higher Love” (Steve Winwood), “Love is a Battlefield” and “Invincible” (Pat Benatar), “Venus” (Bananarama), “I Can’t Hold Back” (Survivor), “Renegade” (Styx), and much more!

Twist On A Beloved Story

Fans will be delighted to witness the musical following the film’s key elements but with a slight re-envisioning that will give the story a modern approach. The audience can expect a more empowering role for female characters and other minority individuals in the musical as compared to the original film. With the cast representing more authentic backgrounds, the musical carries out the movie’s legacy while appealing to a more diverse audience in today’s time. With source material that already has so much heart, “An Officer & A Gentleman: The Musical” can best be described as an extension of the film rather than a simple retelling of it.

A Musical With Real Character

“An Officer & A Gentleman: The Musical” delivers a message that remains relevant over the decades. It’s not about “love” as a cheesy Hollywood concept, but about “love” as growth, triumph, and learning to see other people as they truly are. It’s an All-American story about love and conflict that features the exemplary figures from the movie you know and adore already. This new and modern twist makes for a memorable experience that will not disappoint.

Be Among the First

The national touring production of this new musical was set to tour in 2020 but, with many things, was delayed due to the pandemic. Now officially on the road, audience members around the United States have the opportunity to be one of the first to experience this beloved American story re-imagined. 


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