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Kaleidoscope Connections

kaleidoscope ConnectionsThe Kaleidoscope Connections program started in 2004 as enrichment to the Allen Hospital’s Kaleidoscope Series for Youth, “A Buck A Kid!”

This program collaborates with students and faculty from UNI's College of Education and offers opportunities for additional classroom experiences. Education students in the College of Education plan, develop, apply and evaluate lesson plans to be used as enrichment to the Kaleidoscope performances. Students visit area schools and implement a lesson before and after each performance to expand student experience and connect the show to a curricular context. The focus is to incorporate an art form or culture, to connect the performance content to another subject, i.e. social studies and language arts, and to further enhance the student’s experience of a live performance.

Kaleidoscope ConnectionsClassroom students gain a better understanding of what they are about to see at the Gallagher-Bluedorn and how the performance relates to what they are studying or experiencing at home. Students gain interest in the production after experiencing a Kaleidoscope Connections lesson and are more participatory in the post-performance discussions as well.

Are you interested in having a Kaleidoscope Connection Team visit your classroom and deliver a 45-minute lesson in conjunction with a Kaleidoscope performance? If so, contact Amy Hunzelman directly at 319-273-3679 or amy.hunzelman@uni.edu.

Contact Information

Amy Hunzelman
Director of Education and Outreach
(319) 273-3679

Molly Hackenmiller
Assistant Director of UNItix
(319) 273-3682