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When is it suggested that I order tickets?
As our Kaleidoscope history indicates, shows tend to sell out within the first few days, or even hours of ticket orders. It is recommended to place your reservation as soon as possible, as schools are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Tickets for the 20-21 season go on-sale Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 at 7:30am.

Do I need to create an account?  
Yes.  If you ordered last year, you already have an account.  Please use your email address or account number and password to log in.  If you have never ordered, we suggest you set up your account prior to April 29th. Contact UNITIX at 319-273-4849 if you need assistance with your account.

I want to get tickets. What are the registration procedures?
Complete the online ordering process indicating the events you would like to attend. Ordering is now being done in real time, so you will know which shows you’re able to get into immediately.  You will also be able to add your school to a waiting list, if a show is sold out. Submit the order online and retain your confirmation email for your records. Make sure to provide an email address you often check, since most of the UNITIX correspondence will be done via email.

I’ve submitted my ticket order, now what?
Once your order is submitted, you will receive a copy of that order via email. This is a confirmation of your actual order. Schools will receive an invoice for each show ordered in mid to late August for the entire season.

Do I need a purchase order number when I fill out the reservation form?
No, a PO is not required by Gallagher Bluedorn. If you do have a PO number, feel free to send it to molly.hackenmiller@uni.edu with reference to your school, contact name, account number and performance title.

Do I need to pay online when I place my reservation?
Schools do not need to pay when placing their order online - they will receive an invoice for each show ordered in late August for the entire season. Individuals and homeschools will be prompted to pay with a credit card at the end of their online transaction.

What do I need to know about confirmation and payment?
The contact person on school orders will receive an invoice in mid to late August for the entire season.  Each invoice will list a deadline for changes in attendance and final payment. The contact person is responsible for forwarding this paperwork to the school’s finance office for processing. These are both due as listed on each invoice, approximately 6-8 weeks in advance of each event. Purchase orders must be paid by the due date listed on the invoice. Payment can be made with check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).

When will I receive my tickets?
Schools will receive ticket vouchers are used in lieu of standard tickets for the Kaleidoscope Series. The contact person on the order will receive a ticket voucher at minimum two weeks prior to each show. It will act as the group’s ticket to the event.  All tickets for individuals/home school groups will be sent via e-mail one week prior to each event.

What happens if I confirm for a performance by the deadline, then learn we cannot attend after all.  Will we receive a refund?No, once an order is confirmed it cannot be canceled and numbers cannot be decreased. You can request an increase in numbers after the deadline, dependent upon availability, though we cannot guarantee additional seats.  

Are all the events at the GBPAC?
All of the shows are at the Gallagher-Bluedorn with the exception of:

Oct 19: Voices From Ellis Island - Williams Center in Oelwein
Feb 5: Everybody's Hero: The Jackie Robinson Story - Wilcox Center in Algona
Mar 25: The Story of Ferdinand - New Hampton
Mar 26: The Story of Ferdinand - Williams Center in Oelwein

How much are tickets?
Ticket admission is $1 for students, teachers, chaperones, and bus drivers.

What are the arrival procedures (arrival, unloading, parking)?
It is suggested that your group arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the performance. Buses will utilize the frontage road for drop-off and will direct the driver to the appropriate parking lot.  Also, groups will be dismissed by bus number after the performance, escorted by an usher to the appropriate bus. Follow this link for driving directions.

If you are driving separately in a personal car or school van, you do NOT need a parking voucher.  These vehicles are able to park in the B lot, which is located south of the GBPAC and University Avenue. Vehicles parked here for Kaleidoscope shows will not be ticketed. Handicapped parking in the metered lot just north of the GBPAC is available for private cars and vans that have submitted such a special needs request. However, this space does fill up, so it is recommended to arrive early as well as notify staff monitoring the lot. (If it is full, feel free to drop off guests with special needs and proceed to park in lot B.)

Where do we sit?
When you arrive for the performance, present the voucher to an usher and he/she will direct your group to your assigned seats. Seating is pre-arranged based on age, specials needs of students, and the size of the group -- not in order of date your order was received. Please understand that the location of these seats will vary from show to show.  It is our priority to seat students with special needs first and then by grade level.  Late comers will be seated at the discretion of our staff as not to disrupt the performance.

What if we travel via car or van?
Please park in lot B, which is south of the GBPAC and University Ave. No parking voucher is needed. Limited handicapped parking may be available in the metered lot north of the GBPAC for groups that have submitted such a special needs request.

When you arrive at the Gallagher-Bluedorn, proceed to the center of the lobby (there is a pink circle on the floor) where an usher will show you to your designated seats. Typically, all home schooled groups are seated together. Be advised that audience members should be at least four years of age. Please be considerate of the rest of the audience if you accompany infants or toddlers. If your child is crying or displaying other distracting behaviors, exit to the lobby.

Can you accommodate a group with special needs?
We offer a number of services for patrons with special needs, including wheelchair accessible seating, ASL interpretation, and audio description.  Please make these requests when ordering tickets online, or call 319-273-3682 at least 2 weeks prior to the show to ensure availability of your requested service.

How long does the performance last?
Kaleidoscope Series performances vary in length but most range from 45-75 minutes. When scheduling buses, please take into account the added time necessary for dismissal from the theatre and loading buses.

What is appropriate show etiquette?
Most of the Kaleidoscope shows are designed to encourage audience participation and many of the performances thrive on the students being actively involved, but it is important to remind your students of a few basic etiquette rules.

Remember, these are live performers and distracting behavior in the audience can distract them from doing their job. Clap at times when it is appropriate, to thank a performer or to follow a performers instructions. Food and drinks are not permitted in the Great Hall. Please do not allow students to bring cameras or recording devices.

Please have the chaperons sit among the students rather than together as this helps monitor student behavior. If a student is being disruptive, please take the initiative to lead them out of the hall so others can continue to enjoy the show. Students that exit to the lobby must be supervised.

What types of classroom extension opportunities are there?
We offer study guides and curriculum materials for every Kaleidoscope Series performance. Each study guide includes show specific supplements to your classroom curriculum and will assist in preparing your students for a positive theatre experience.  For selected shows, you can also engage your students both before and after the Kaleidoscope performance by having a member of our Kaleidoscope Connections Education Team visit you classroom to implement activities and discussions related to the performance. 

How do I arrange to eat lunch on campus?
Bring your sack lunch and eat at UNI!  Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to your field trip and are first-come, first-serve.  We cannot guarantee space if there is less than two weeks notice.  Please complete the RSVP form. You will be contacted once a location has been confirmed.  Please be prepared to bring garbage bags.  

See our Make a Day of It for more information on the many education opportunities for students on the UNI campus.

What is the Kaleidoscope cancellation and exchange policy?
Refunds will only be given if an event is cancelled by the GBPAC. Cancellations of shows due to weather will follow actions of the Waterloo and Cedar Falls school districts. If schools in your area are closed and you are unable to make it to a performance due to inclement weather, you must notify the ticket office within one day of the performance in order to receive a credit to a future show. Because we are unable to resell reserved seats, no refunds will be issued for unused seats on the day of the performance, including student illnesses.

If a school is officially closed on the day of the performance, due to weather or other matters out of your control, the GBPAC will allow an exchange for another Kaleidoscope performance within the same season or credit for the following season. Official notice must be made from the school’s contact within one business day of the original performance before any adjustment can be made.

What funding grants are available for our fieldtrip?
Visit the Funding Opportunities for Schools pages to learn more about programs offering transportation grants.

Thank you for participating in the Kaleidoscope Series. We look forward to welcoming you to the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center this season!

Contact Information

Amy Hunzelman
Director of Education and Outreach
(319) 273-3679

Molly Hackenmiller
Assistant Director of UNItix
(319) 273-3682